Portland, Oregon

In Portland Oregon you will find one of the finest locales for craft cannabis. This place is truly like a magical wonderland with some of the finest cannabis in the country, and maybe even the world. Cannabis is part of the culture here and it runs many generations deep. Those deep generations create a cannabis industry of great competition. If you are a grower and want to compete with the top-shelf cannabis industry in Portland, you have your work cut out for you. Here they seamlessly combine modern day science with the artistic and abstract sides of growing cannabis. I feel this is one of the main factors that separates Portland from many other cannabis destinations. They understand that the connection, creativity, and soul they share with each plant are essential for true craft cannabis cultivation. Some of these farms in Portland are the real deal.

Legend has it, back in the 70’s and 80’s many of the initial landrace genetics that were hunted out from around the world, traveled through Oregon and the Pacific Northwest before heading to Amsterdam. This means that many of the genetics responsible for today’s cannabis market were initially cultivated here. With all of this history, it’s no surprise that Portland is the hometown to Archive Seedbank, Wy’east Farms Genetics, Crane City Cannabis, and Surfr Seeds. These breeders help set the standard of great cannabis genetics in Portland. In addition to all the great local genetics, Portland’s cultivators seem to have a knack for finding the latest and greatest strains from around the world.  

Something I love about Oregon’s cannabis scene is being able to smell the bud from large jars in the dispensaries before you decide. This leaves no place to hide the smell of low-quality cannabis. A main part of the growing and processing that can fall short with the final cannabis end-product is the drying and curing process. The top craft cannabis cultivators in Portland have perfected their curing process – leaving the buds smelling fantastic, the smoke smooth, and a high that is beyond superior. Smoking craft cannabis here offers a memorable experience.

There is a vast range in quality and cost for cannabis within the Portland cannabis industry. Prices range from only a couple bucks (or even less) per gram all the way up to around $18+ (pretax) per gram. The type and quality of dispensary can also range significantly. You can find hole in the wall dispensaries that have literally popped up in the family room of a house. And no, I’m not joking. While other places such as Kings of Canna PDX and Oregrown offer an entire purchasing experience. Across Portland, budtenders come in all levels of knowledge, attitude, energy, and personality. The quality of knowledge of budtenders is one area that has room for improvement but that can be said for most places. It can be important to carefully choose which budtender you trust for recommendations, especially if top-shelf is limited there. Part of why I gravitate towards Kings of Canna and Oregrown is based on the fact that they are regularly stocked with an extensive top-notch craft cannabis selection. This means budtenders at these dispensaries don’t try to push low quality strains because there’s no need to.

In Portland, for many, cannabis is a way of life. The best craft cannabis cultivators blend the best genetics with the best cultivation, and finish with their intuitive and perfected drying and curing processes. The farms that effectively dominate the cannabis scene here earn it with the magnificent quality of their cannabis.

If you have never been to Portland, this should be next on your list of craft cannabis locales to visit. You wont be disappointed, I promise.

Favorite Cultivators and strains:
Eastwood: Runtz x Horchata aka Half Pint (Wyeast)
Focus North: Cold Snap (Wyeast), Pot Roast, Platinum Kush Breath (In-House)
Evan’s Creek Farms: Nepalese Kush, Southern Belle

Favorite Dispensary:
At this point I would have to say Kings of Canna PDX is my go to. I enjoy the diverse team and the synergy they share. Their selection is extensive and on point. The theme and creative side of the shop is really cool and unique. They just seem like a business with values that I can get behind. 

Favorite edible products:
Luminous Botanicals, Sky Blend
Wyld gummies (indica, CBG)

Great places to smoke:
Council Crest Park
Mt. Tabor Park