Seattle, Washington

Seattle’s cannabis scene is a thriving testament to the art of turning marijuana into a full-blown industry. The city has perfected the craft of cannabis branding, evident in the unique packaging that accompanies each product from every farm or manufacturer. The prepackaging trend, however, does come with a downside – the inability to savor the aroma of the buds before making a purchase. It’s a small sacrifice for what follows.

The lower to upper-middle-grade flowers are securely housed in their own polymer-sealed bags, while the top-grade varieties boast the luxury of small glass jars or equally fancy alternatives. The attention to detail is impeccable.

Choosing which dispensaries to explore was a meticulous process, relying on average customer reviews and the specific brands or farms they stocked. The quest, in this case, was for strains offering a heavy body high, medicinal benefits, or a lineage rooted in landrace genetics.

Entering each store felt like stepping into a cannabis wonderland. The welcoming “door-person” checked my ID with a friendly smile before granting entry. The stores were not just places to buy cannabis; they were curated experiences, each equipped with perfectly lit see-through cases showcasing the array of products.

Some stores had knowledgeable staff readily available to assist, while others required customers to wait in line for guidance at the sales counter. Regardless of the approach, the dispensary staff exhibited impressive knowledge, effortlessly providing details about strains, their origins, approximate THC content, and making spot-on recommendations.

Top-shelf flower, with prices starting at around $16 per gram, set the standard. While there were quality mid to upper mid-grade options, some cultivars were a letdown with their hay or grass clippings aroma, indicative of subpar drying and curing practices. The appearance and effects were commendable, but the true potential remained unfulfilled due to inadequate processing. Surprisingly, this was a common issue across various farms.

Among the sea of cultivators, one stood out – Washington Bud Company. Their Hash Plant and Blackberry Kush were not just enjoyable but delivered solid effects. Without a doubt, they’ve secured a spot at the top of my list for the next Seattle visit. Kudos to Washington Bud Company.

In the midst of Seattle’s bustling, fast-paced charm lies a cannabis industry that mirrors the city’s grandeur. Though the journey to find the highest-grade craft cannabis proved challenging, the overall experience was undeniably good. Seattle offers a lot, and while I suspect there’s even higher quality cannabis waiting to be discovered, I’ll be sure to seek recommendations before my return. Until then, Seattle, you’ve left a lasting green impression.