This one’s got some real lineage credit, being a descendant of the iconic Fatso and Snowman OG. Now, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing Focus North’s Fatso out in Portland, you’ll know why I was stoked to dive into this strain. And let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint. Her Fatso lineage was evident but she had her own flavor and effects.
Breeder: Cannarado Genetics
Lineage: Fatso x Snowman OG
Growing Medium: Build a Soil
Nutrient Line: Dry Amendments
Water: Reverse Osmosis

The Process

TikTok proved to be a chill strain to cultivate. Not the biggest yielder, but I’m already eyeing the next round with her. Right from the get-go, TikTok was all about that slow and steady vibe. She took her sweet time from germination, and her growth rate was more laid-back than your favorite Sunday playlist. She had a thing for moderately dosed nutrients – not too much, and she chugged down water and Cal Mag like it was her jam. During veg I gave her the snip-snip up top, leaving six main branches flexing their stuff. Stems were solid, if a tad slender, and by harvest, most of her branches needed a little support. From start to finish, she looked happy the whole way through.

The Fine Details

Now, let’s talk aesthetics. TikTok was drop-dead gorgeous in her own urban way. Picture a chandelier flipped upside down, draped in trichomes that turned her flowers into straight-up mirrors. I tried getting her full essence on camera, but man, it was like trying to capture a city skyline in a photo – just doesn’t do it justice. And her aroma? Brace yourself – she’s a mixtape of noxious aromas like super glue, melting plastic, a hint of jet fuel, and a burnt rubber so strong that it cut through my sinus. As she cruised into late flowering, there was an earthy twist, a touch of floral, and a whiff of fresh green vibes came through, bring her back to her grassroots. TikTok is a showstopper, without a doubt. Out of the twelve plants in the tent, she was  the most attractive.

The Takeaway

Cultivating TikTok was smooth sailing, no drama. She was all cool even when things got a bit wonky with soil pH and lighting issues. Now, the yield game wasn’t super strong, but that’s just her style – balanced and chill. I don’t know about you, but I’m all about quality over quantity anyways. Plus, I say with confidence that she can easily get more weight than I did on this first run. What can I say, TikTok left an lasting impression on me. I’m not even kidding, I’ve already ordered more packs of seeds ’cause she’s got that potential, you know? Next run, I’m calling it – smoother ride, better yield, smells for days, and killer quality. Just watch this space, fellow cultivators!
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