Royale with Freeze

I was excited to cultivate this cross from Wyeast, particularly because Cold Snap, one of my all-time favorite strains, played a significant role in its genetic makeup. Coupled with the renowned Royal Kush #7, stemming from the groundbreaking efforts of Mandelbrot and Emerald Mountain Seeds, it seemed like a match made in cannabis heaven, promising both potent medicinal effects and a rewarding cultivation journey. This strain will also be featured on Elephant’s Breath Growery.

Breeder: Wyeast
Lineage: Royal Kush #7 x Cold Snap
Growing Medium: Build a Soil light
Nutrients: Biobizz Line & AACT
Water: Reverse Osmosis

The Cultivation Journey

Right from the start, the seeds showed robust vigor. However, as the vegetative stage progressed, I encountered some signs of minor nutrient deficiency. Adjusting the room temperature from 76 to 80 degrees and employing an AACT (Actively Aerated Compost Tea) seemed to alleviate the issue temporarily. It wasn’t long before the plants started showing very minor signs of nutrient deficiency again but they continued to seem fine otherwise. Unfortunately it wasn’t until the flowering stage that I realized the genetics demanded a more substantial nutrient boost across the board.  Things resolved once I boosted up the Bloom formula and started adding Cal Mag. Despite my oversight, the plants managed to weather the storm, although the overall yield suffered as a consequence.

How They Compared

Unfortunately, one out of the four germinated seeds had to be culled before flowering due to irreparable light burn sustained early in its life. Of the remaining three plants, one was short, one medium-sized, and one moderately tall. The shorter ones displayed a lush green appearance, while the taller one boasted a mesmerizing blend of green and purple hues, reminiscent of its Cold Snap lineage. The tallest plant also demonstrated a flower structure that has shown up in most of the crosses from Wyeast that I have grown. Each plant produced densely packed flowers, showcasing the promising genetics of the cross. in terms of the nose on her, smells ranged from sweet and gassy to Thai food permeating through a Styrofoam takeout container. The cheap candy sweet and sour candy infused with gas seemed to be the most common scent.


Royale with Freeze is holding her weight in the effect department. It is worth mentioning the jars of dried flower did require well over a month to reach a cured effect. While this cross held immense potential, my oversight prevented it from reaching its full capabilities. Nonetheless, I eagerly anticipate revisiting this strain armed with a newfound understanding of its nutrient requirements, particularly its appetite for Cal Mag. Unfortunately, it may take some time before I am able to return to this particular cross, I have several other Cold Snap crosses from the same release awaiting cultivation. Considering the valuable feedback provided by Wyeast, I’m currently deliberating between growing Cryo Wolf or Wolf’s Tooth next. My inclination leans towards Cryo Wolf, as it involves Cold Snap crossed with Zuyaqui, yet another remarkable creation from Wyeast. 

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