Pave S1

I decided to cultivate Pave S1 alongside Royal with Freeze, intrigued by their shared connection to The Menthol, albeit in varying percentages of 50% and 25%. With no specific expectations, my goal was to explore the genetic expressions of these two strains, each with its distinct lineage. Pave turned out to be the star of the show and I feel grateful to have had her in my garden. My cultivation process will also be featured on the first season for Elephant’s Breath Growery.

Breeder: Raw Genetics
Lineage: Khalifa Kush x The Menthol
Growing Medium: Build a Soil light
Nutrients: Biobizz Line & AACT
Water: Reverse Osmosis

The Structure

To my delight, the Pave S1 seeds stood out immediately with their robust size, surpassing the typical dimensions of cannabis seeds—I mean, these seeds were seriously fat. Pave proved to be a seamless experience from start to finish. While other plants in the tent faced challenges, Pave effortlessly followed the path of least resistance, akin to the flow of water. With running an eight week veg phase, all four plants were topped. One required an additional topping due to her leggy nature. All responded well to training, showing no signs of stress and remained stable at every turn. Each plant had decent structure with moderate internodal spacing. With all the weight each plant packed on, each plant required significant support by the end of flowering. 

How They Compared

The Pave S1’s displayed remarkable resilience, accepting various cultivation techniques. All the phenotypes exhibited a preference for rich nutrients, yet thrived, even during periods of unintentional underfeeding. I can only imagine what her potential yield will be like with optimal conditions. The bountiful harvest was not only visually stunning but also effective as medicine. Consistency prevailed in effects, structure, and appearance across all plants. Even the shorter plant, positioned below the canopy and lights, managed to pack on weight. Pave turned out to be a harmony of well-matched lineage. These plants emerged as some of the most beautiful in my cultivation experience. Their mere presence brought healing.


In my pursuit of scrutinizing hype strains, Pave S1 measured up and was without a flaw. Despite my efforts to find any shortcomings, I couldn’t. The entire journey, from seed to consumption, was solid. The strain, even after a mere two weeks of curing in a jar, already proved to be potent medicine. I anticipate an enhancement in quality over the upcoming months. If I was able to get this quality of medicine, I can only image what I will find when I hunt through another pack or two. Excitement builds as I plan to grow out Mystic Mojito from Raw Genetics in the next round—a cross of Pave with Stuffed Cherry Gelato, another of my go-to strains for effective medicine. To summarize, if you like gassy, relaxing strains and want something with the whole package, not to mention photographs well, Pave is the strain you want.

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