French Macaron

This is another strain full of gas and cookie dough. Watching her progress through her 63-day flowering cycle was quite an experience. French Macaron continuously transformed through her lifecycle. During week three she started spitting out trichome laden fan leaves that and were reminiscent of Velcro. Her smell was undetectable until the fifth week of flowering. From week six to nine of flowering she really started to come alive. During those weeks some of the phenos went from solid green to solid dark purple.
Breeder: T.H.Seeds
Lineage: French Cookies x Gelato
Dominant Terpenes: Pending Lab Analysis
Growing Medium: Soil
Nutrient Line: BioBizz
Water: Reverse RO with CaCO3

The Nose

I picked these genetics on a whim. I had read mixed things about this strain but when the trichomes started developing on the fan leaves only a few weeks into flower, I was feeling optimistic. When her aroma began wafting through the tent, her smell ranged from a spicy, sweet, musk with mothballs, to gas and sugar cookie dough. Some of the phenos maintained the gas and cookies all the way through flowering, drying and curing. Two of the phenos started emitting a strong grape Bubble Tape aroma. After curing, those two phenos smelled just like buttery blueberry muffins. At times it was hard to believe how amazing her smell was. There were times I was working in the tent and when I saw the best pheno up-close, I literally felt an urge to eat one of her sugar coated buds right off the branch it was growing on, they literally made my mouth water. I don’t think I’ve smelled such a strong grape odor from cannabis before. It was impressive. Each time I cracked open one of these buds, the smell continued to impress me each time. 


French Macaron has a high calyx to leaf ratio. Her buds, sugar leaves, and some of her fan leaves were drenched in trichomes. Even the lower, larfy bud site I missed during pruning grew well and were covered in resin. This made her a pleasure to trim. Even with taking extra caution when trimming, there was still a pile of kief in my trim bin. That kief smells of delicious, sweet candy which added a desirable flavor to edibles.
The buds grew chunky and heavy. Some of the bottom branches couldn’t bear the load, resulting in some of them folding over and haning down for the last few days before harvest.


Overall, growing French Macaron was an enjoyable experience and she continued to be full of surprises over the course of her life. Starting out she was less than impressive but she delivered some quality cannabis. There was a significant variation in her genes and out of seven plants there were at least five different phenos. I had read she was known for hermaphroditic tendencies. Because of this I was paying close attention and she did start protruding some nanners towards the end of her flowering cycle. Since I was prepared I caught them right away from avoided any issues. I would consider running this strain again in the future but there are many, many strains I would want to grow first. The upside to the high amount of phenotypic variation meant that there was a wider selection of flower to choose from for personal use.

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