Meatbreath S1

Around three years ago I came across a pheno of Meatbreath from Deschutes Growery in Portland and it became one of my all-time favorite plants. I’ve been searching for an original pack from Thug Pug Genetics ever since, but with no success. So, when I saw that Reddington’s Craft Cannabis Seeds announced Meatbreath S1’s, I knew I had to get my hands on it. Cultivating this strain was a true joy from start to finish.
Breeder: Reddington’s Craft Cannabis
Lineage: Meatbreath x Meatbreath
Growing Medium: Soil
Nutrient Line: Dry Amendments
Water: Reverse Osmosis

The Nose

At the beginning of flowering, the plants had stem rub smells ranging from earthy tones like meadow, lemon grass balm, and spearmint to more unusual smells like au gratin potatoes, old dentist office, and soft wax. It wasn’t until halfway through flowering before the stink started to develop. By the last week of flowering, the plant’s aroma was loud and had developed into a full-bodied savory aged-meat aroma that cut through the earthy smells. I was pleasantly surprised after the drying and curing process when her meat funk remained well-preserved. All three of the plants smelled very similar to one another, with plants #1 & 2 having more funk and plant #3 having a slight sweetness to her. If you’re a fan of a good stinky-meat strain, then Meatbreath S1 is the one for you.


I grew the plants in a 24×30-inch tent and vegged them for four weeks in three-gallon pots of living soil. Plant #1 and #2 had very large fan leaves that reached out to the edges of the tent. The main stalks on those plants grew straight and tall like bean poles with no branching, resulting in flower sites only at each node along the main stem. The bud structure was impressive, and the flowers protruded out like large fat horns. They had a high calyx to leave ratio, resulting in minimal trimming. The two larger plants were covered in resin glands and even the branch-like petioles had trichomes popping up along them. Plant #3 was an outlier and a runt. She lacked the same physical characteristics as the other two and resembled more of a candied-purple strain.


Meatbreath S1 was the perfect strain for my first S1 grow. Reddington’s Craft Cannabis Seeds preserved and reintroduced something significant to the pool of genetics, which can often seem watered down these days. The pack had three more seeds than claimed, which was a great bonus. I’m already planning on ordering another pack to hunt for phenos in the future. Before that, though, I want to grow her out in a large tent without space limitations, so she can fully shine. Overall, Meatbreath S1 is an enjoyable and unique strain to cultivate, with a distinct stinky-meat aroma and impressive structure. I am looking forward to hunting through these in the future.
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