Lemon Splash

Introducing Lemon Splash, the outcome of Wyeast’s fusion between Lemon Tree and the renowned Horchata strain. As my third experience with a Horchata cross, cultivating each has been truly enjoyable. The distinctive attributes of scent, flavor, phenotypes, and structure were evident across all three variations.
Breeder: Wyeast Farms
Lineage: Lemon Tree x Horchata
Growing Medium: Build a Soil 3.0
Nutrient Line: Dry Amendments
Water: Reverse Osmosis

Structure & Nose

The Lemon Splash plants showcased remarkable uniformity across the trio. With a moderately tall stance, lateral branching, and robust stems, they supported flowering effectively. In terms of internodal spacing, plant number two carried a bold Lemon Tree aroma and had tight spacing, while the other two exhibited a moderate arrangement. Notably, plant number three resembled the standout phenotypes from other Horchata crosses. Her buds boasted dense, attention-grabbing structures, exuding an allure that outshone even the robust Lemon Tree pheno. She was full of gas with a slight sweetness, just like the other Horchata phenos from other variants of Horchata.


Among the Horchata crosses, Lemon Splash displayed a slightly finicky disposition, thriving as a light feeder. Despite prior advice about “less is more,” challenges arose with two plants, hinting that nutrient needs were minimal. The burned leaf tips as a result can be seen to the left. This humbling experience underlined my ongoing learning curve. When I grow the rest of the pack out, I will probably provide them a fourth of what I consider to be a low dose. In contrast, the robust Horchata pheno, represented by Lemon Splash plant three, responded better to feeding and pH fluctuations. Her vigor also came with a significantly better yield. Based on the clear variation in terpene profiles, I’m confident that everyone can find a pheno they like in Lemon Splash.

Thoughts on Wyeast Farms

My introduction to Wyeast Farms came via Half Pint (Runtz x Horchata) cultivated by Eastwood Gardens in Portland, which you can find detailed HERE. Half Pint stands among my all-time favorites, as evident in my personal cultivation review HERE. Cultivating three distinct Horchata crosses yielded consistently high-quality herb across all strains and phenotypes. I’m looking forward to growing some Horchata S1’s in the future. I think for now though I will explore some of his other work. Recently he had a release of Cold Snap crosses. As I write this, I’m observing four Royale with Freeze seedlings—Royal Kush 7 x Cold Snap. My confidence in Wyeast’s work fuels high expectations for this cross, given the impressive track record I’ve witnessed thus far.

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