Half Pint

This was the first strain I grew from Wyeast and was impressed from the very start. Both seeds cracked and grew tails less than twenty-four hours after inserting them into a warm, moist paper towel. She popped, broke soil, and started heading towards the light before any of the other strains I was growing during that round. Half Pint had some serious vigor. She had beautiful and hearty stems from top to bottom. I decided to top both of the plants and they responded perfectly in terms of  bouncing back quickly and filling out a perfectly symmetrical growth pattern and stature. I don’t think she could have been any easier to grow. And boy she was a thirsty girl.

Breeder: Wyeast
Lineage: Runtz x Horchata
Dominant Terpenes: Pending Lab Analysis
Growing Medium: BuildASoil Light
Nutrient Line: BioBizz & Tribus
Water: RO with CaCO3

The Structure & Process

There’s not much to say about the veg phase other than they had vigor and weren’t fussy. At the beginning of week four of veg I transplanted them. The root development was impressive at this point. I started using Tribus by Impello for this round and I think it complimented the genetics well. Two days after transplanting, I topped each plant above the fifth node and remove the bottom two nodes. I used twine to pull the top two branches outwards. The plants responded well to the topping and training.

It took about a week from inducing flowering for them to begin their impressive stretch. By the end of week three in flowering, the plants had generous internodal spacing, leaving more than enough room for the flower sites to fill in. At this point I cleaned up the extra foliage to allow for nice airflow and to avoid the plants wasting their energy on low quality flower sites.
Her stretch continued through week four of flowering. By week five the light began penetrating through the whole canopy. The long internode spacing allowed the light to illuminate all the flower sites down the long branches and that’s when her buds began to really take off.

I saw some minor signs of early nitrogen deficiency during the fifth week of flowering, which wasn’t surprising with how much she was growing. The BioBizz line did a great job of correcting this since I noticed it quickly. At this point, some of her branches were growing 1+ inch per day. I was watering and feeding her every two to three days with generous volumes. She continued to drink and feed heavy up until the end of flowering. The last weeks she just continued to swell. The buds filled out nicely, offering only quality buds. I ended up running her for a total of 71 days to get the full swell and maturation.

The Nose

Within the first few weeks of flower, she started emitting a delicious, candied aroma. During the fourth week of the flowering phase, her buds started sprouting out in clusters. This was when she began cranking out an unusual amount resin glands. Her terpenes became complex and rich. The sweet candy smell got bolder and developed hints of very sweet perfume, with a smell of soap cutting sharply through the backend. The smell seemed to evolve over the course of flowering, changing into a sweet creamy vanilla blended nicely with sour skittles, sweet Runtz towards the end. By the time she finished, she was mostly gas and cheap candy.

I dried her for over thirteen days, averaging sixty-six degrees and fifty-nine percent humidity. After only one day in the jar, she was already full of rich funk followed by cheap candy and gas on the backend.


I initially took a keen liking to Half Pint when I got some grown by Eastwood Gardens in Portland, Oregon. I have done a separate write-up for that which can be found here. After enjoying this strain so much from a commercial cultivator, I was excited to see what I could get out of her with my full attention on her.

It turned out that Half Pint was as enjoyable to cultivate as she was to smoke. Her genetics were stable and vigorous. The topping high stress training worked out well. By the end of harvest, most of her branches had reached the same height, forming a perfect canopy. She couldn’t have been easier to grow. It’s also worth mentioning Half Pint was a big drinker and a moderate feeder, which resulted in more water output from my dehumidifier than usual. Next round I will be increasing the nutrients more to discover what her full potential is. I felt that the organic nutrients allowed more of her rich and complex terpenes to shine. I’m also considering forgoing the topping to allow some solid single cola plants. I’m optimistic this could result in an even better crop.

If Runtz strains are your thing, this one is a must try. Half Pint’s genetics are packed with vigorous and beautiful flowering plants. Her aroma is full of cheap candy and gas with a hint of funk once you’ve got her cured. If you are able to find a pack from somewhere, I highly recommend you grab it before I do. Wyeast really blew it out of the park with this cross. 

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