Black Domina

I typically smoke indica dominant strains, and I’m always on the lookout for something heavy to stave off chronic illness symptoms and ease pain. When a strain has a description of narcotic, it’s got my attention. Black Domina also stood out to me because I love landraces. For this round I was looking for something mildly hybridized to maintain the genetic and terpene diversity that landraces are known for, yet making cultivation smoother. I prioritize terpene profiles and percentage over THC content since the richness in terpenes offers me the most medicinal value.

Breeder: Sensi Seeds
Lineage: Northern Lights x Ortega x Hash Plant x Afghani
Terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene
Growing Medium: BuildASoil Light
Nutrient Line: BioBizz & Tribus
Water: RO with CaCO3

The Structure & Process

The seeds seemed a little slow to crack open and took longer than expected to break ground, after placing them into rooting plugs. It wasn’t until week four of veg that the plant’s growth started speeding up. During week five of veg I transplanted them into their final containers. During this process I noticed the root development was less established than I would have preferred. Four days after transplanting them I completed Nebula’s manifolding technique on plant #4 and #5. I decided to clone the tops from these two plants just for kicks. The tops both rooted but the top from #5 was the only one that took well and grew. Plant #4 did not handle the manifolding process well and was stunted, growing only minimally until the second week of flower. Perhaps #4 wasn’t a strong plant since she didn’t recover well after the manifold and her top wouldn’t grow after being cloned.

I topped the remaining plants (#1-3,6) during week 5. These plants appeared to responded well to the high stress training, recovering nicely before inducing flowering at week seven of veg. During the last week of veg I tied down the top branches on each plant. I did an in-depth write up about the topping and manifolding of these plants which can be found here.

Going into flowering, the plants were growing moderately well and starting to bush out. Their genetics influenced their growth pattern, resulting in a short bushy stature. The topping and high stress training led to even more pronounced growth patterns. During the first week of flowering, the plants started to take off. Some of them increased by more than twenty-five percent during that week. The manifolded plant, #5 began to stretch and was working her way up to the height of her topped sisters.

I defoliated all plants two days before flowering was induced, but by the end of week one they were already looking like they could use another round of defoliation. To avoid interrupting their vital stretch and growth phase, I held off. Instead, I placed two fans on the floor to ensure air was not getting stagnant and to lower the risk of mold.

It seemed like most of the Black Domina plants were done increasing in height by the third week of the flowering phase. At this point I cleaned off the foliage on the bottom fifty percent of each plant. After the defoliation, their growth patterns shifted towards bud site production and filling in each flower site with calyx pods. I was impressed with the shear number of flower sites that popped up along all of the branches, unfortunately the size of each one remained on the smaller side. Most of the plants had flowers that were structurally identical to Youngberries only they were bright green and covered with resin.

Out of all the Black Domina plants, there was only one plant that was impressive in flower production, smell, and beauty. Her structure was similar to the old school White Widow strain, but Black Domina was a lighter shade of green. The flower sites were completely frosted out and the sugar leaves were caked with resin all the way down to the tips of the leaves.

The Nose

The smell of Black Domina really set her apart from other strains. She had a combination of aromas that I have not experienced. The first noticeable scent emitted was a thick black pepper smell with a strong bite on the backend. During the middle of the flowering phase she shifted the sharp caryophyllene smell to a softer black pepper aroma with sweet candy on the backend. For the last few weeks of flowering her aroma became more complex and louder. Right before harvest, her flowers had reached a combination of sweet hash, rose hips, grape popsicle and sweet berries. Things continued to get weirder and more complex once she made it into jars. The plant that stood out the most during flowering reached an aroma of savory funky mushrooms, with anise and candied ginger.


Growing Black Domina was a unique experience. Over the course of this grow I was able to learn more cultivation techniques for cannabis and develop a deeper understanding of genetics. Overall, the strain fell short in vigor and harvest weight. Luckily, I wasn’t relying on a large crop. In the future I will not dedicate a full tent to again, but I do plan on growing out more of the seeds I still have. I will not top this strain in the future because I felt like high stress training took away yield, but more importantly the topping significantly interfered with quality of the end-product. I was also disappointed with the length of the flowering phase. Sensi Seeds claims a 50-55 day flowering cycle. This was not my experience. I had to run the strain for 63 days of flowering and three of the six plants could have used another week or more. I decided to cut my losses and harvest all of them at the same time. In all fairness, the longer flowering cycle could have been impacted by the high stress training. When I grow Black Domina out next time, I will be removing most of the branches and focus on bud sites along the main stalk. Black Domina has some great potential, and her terpene profile is hard to find anywhere else. I was able to learn a lot from this round, which can be more important than a heavy harvest.

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